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    Rockwell Olivier is a fresh new brand that combines the skills and experience of a diverse group of related legal firms across Australia.

    Individually, these firms have excelled in their respective markets.

    Now we've joined together to use our 160 years of combined experience to provide you with a legal solution that’s more dynamic and ideally placed to meet your requirements.

  • Great minds (don't) think alike.


    Rockwell Olivier presents a new and exciting legal services offering by way of its flexible approach and philosophy.

    Based in Australia with a reach into the Asia Pacific region, we have your local, national or international legal needs covered. We provide local solutions on a regional scale.

    If you’re ready for a change you'll find our commercial and entrepreneurial approach refreshing in the legal services market.

    We deliver business transactions and advisory, litigation and dispute resolution, insolvency and restructuring, taxation, and workplace and employment services.

  • When the going gets tough the (lawyer) gets going.


    Rockwell Olivier’s mission is simply to facilitate achievement: your achievement.

    When you work with Rockwell Olivier, you’re joining a team of like-minded, commercially savvy professionals with an entrepreneurial flair.

    Rockwell Olivier people are motivated to build great client relationships, promote business growth, and contribute to business improvement.

    Are you ready to be part of our team?

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Civic Legal now on board in Perth

Rockwell Olivier (Perth) is pleased to welcome the Civic Legal team on board. Our combined experience and enhanced capabilities will lead to better results for our clients.


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